• 2 May 2017

    Announcing training video series for Telligent Community: Video walkthroughs of building a plugin

    Interested in building a plugin for Telligent Community, but don't know where to start? Our new video series explores some of the core concepts as we walk through the creation of a fully functional plugin.
    • 23 Jan 2017

    Docker Compose with a multi part ASP.NET Application

    AKA Using Docker Compose with Telligent Community. I've seen a lot about Docker and Docker Compose over the last few months, but not had a chance to use it. With the push from Microsoft and the ability to run windows based containers I decided it was time to give it a go! During this process, I ran into a few things that took a little time to get my head around. This post discusses these.
    • 5 Dec 2016

    Add some Christmas cheer to your Telligent Community!

    Last Christmas whilst working on the Macmillan Cancer Support community , some of the team thought it decided to add a Christmas themed " Easter Egg " to the site. To start with I was skeptical, but within a few hours Kieran had put something ...
    • 26 Aug 2016

    Deploying an ASP.NET Core website with VSTS and Octopus Deploy

    Step by step guide on how to deploy a ASP.NET Core website using Visual Studio Team Services and Octopus Deploy!
    • 4 Jul 2016

    Viewing embedded content in Telligent Community REST API responses

    When you get Telligent Community content via the REST API, by default embedded content (such as Videos or Audio), isn't returned, instead it is replaced with a message such as "(Please visit the site to view this video)", the PostTarget parameter can be used to return the full content.
    • 27 Jun 2016

    Getting current content in Telligent Community

    Often when writing code for use with Telligent Community you'll need to get hold of the current context from the content, for example the current Group, Blog or Blog Post, this can be accessed using the CurrentContext property.
    • 20 Jun 2016

    Reusable blog snippets with Telligent Community

    Often when writing a blog there will be a standard piece of text, or link that you use in many blog posts, and end up copying and pasting between posts. This can become tedious and if you need to update the text is a lot of effort, this is where snippets can help. This is a feature that appears to have been around for a long time but I've not noticed before!
    • 15 Jun 2016

    Get full URL from Relative in Telligent Community

    If you ever need the full URL when using Telligent Community this can easily be done with the AbsoluteUrl method, in either velocity or C#.
    • 1 Jun 2016

    Twitter Cards for Telligent Community 9

    The latest version of Telligent Community adds open graph tags to the page by default, but doesn't add the tags required for Twitter to make use of those tags and show a preview of the content within the tweet. Easily enable Twitter Card support with this plugin.
    • 19 May 2016

    Developer Shortcuts Chrome Extension for Telligent Community

    If your anything like me, when developing with Telligent Community your likely to have many tabs open, Widget Studio, API Documentation, Developer Tools, and will be always jumping between them! Once the tabs are open this can work out OK, but as soon as you lose a tab, you have to click through the admin area to find the page you want. This is what triggered the creation of “ Telligent Community Developer Shortcuts...
    • 3 Mar 2016

    Recording a User Group Session - The First Attempt

    We’ve been running the Telligent Community UK User Group for almost a year now, and I think we have now started to get the hang of organising them! As Telligent is a product used worldwide, and we are currently the only user group, we’ve been asked by a few people since the first session if they could be streamed or recorded for people who can’t get to London on the day. With the new year, we decided...
    • 3 Feb 2016

    Deploying a Web Deploy Package to AWS ElasticBeanstalk

    AWS provide an extension to Visual Studio to make interacting with your AWS services easy, including deploying to a Beanstalk environment, which is the recommended way of deploying to a Beanstalk . This works great, and if you are able to, you should obviously use the recommended approach, but there may be times you don’t have the extension available, or already have a build system setup to use Web Deploy packages. As...
    • 31 Jan 2016

    Redirecting or Rewriting all requests when using AWS Load Balancers

    If you are hosting a ASP.NET App using an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (or Elastic Beanstalk), you may want to redirect all requests to another site, or rewrite all requests to a holding page for some amount of time. With a ASP.NET applications and AWS there are many ways of doing this, In this post I’m going to look at two options that you may have used when working on a site running “On-Premise” (Note...
    • 14 Dec 2015

    Open Live Writer and Telligent Community

    Last week Scott Hanselman announced the release of Open Live Writer . This is an Open Source version of the excellent Windows Live Writer tool for authoring blog posts, which hasn’t been worked on for several years. Whilst trying out the new ver...
    • 24 Nov 2015

    Bug bash and Bug Squash

    Recently I've been working on a redesign of a community site, we've been approaching this in an agile way, working on a group of pages each sprint, and then showing them to the stakeholders (and where possible real users). We're a pretty ...
    • 22 Oct 2015

    Adjusting auto load scroll position in Telligent Community

    Many widgets in Telligent Community use "endless" or automatic paging, loading the next page of content when the user reaches the bottom of the page. By default the next page of content is loaded when you are 150 pixels from the bottom of t...
    • 5 Oct 2015

    Embeding Gist's in Telligent Community

    Github Gist's provide a simple way for storing and sharing code snippets linked to your GitHub account. Gist's can be embedded in web pages, this requires a Javascript snippet to be placed on the page where the Gist should appear. Telligent Community removes any script added into user content to stop users running any scripts that may be dangerous. One easy way to get around this problem is to implement a IFileViewer...
    • 1 Oct 2015

    Customising Activity Stories in Telligent Community

    When browsing a community site created with Telligent Community (formally Zimbra Social) one of the first things you are likely to see is the Activity Stream. This shows a summary of the recent Activity that has taken place. Since Telligent Commun...
    • 17 Aug 2015

    Telligent Community and Visual Studio 2015 - Failed to Emit Module

    You may be unable to build a solution that references the Zimbra Social DLLs after upgrading to Visual Studio 2015, and receive a "Failed to Emit Module" message. This only happens if you call certain methods. Currently there is no fix available for this, you can either use an earlier version of Visual Studio, or update the calls to the methods.
    • 25 Mar 2015

    Zimbra Social Task Service fails to start - Invalid Times and Daylight Savings Time

    As part of our deployment process the Telligent Task Service on our test environment is updated with every deployment, on Monday the service deployment started to fail due to the service not starting. Looking back through the checkin history there we...
    • 22 Mar 2015

    Unable to obtain distributed lease - Zimbra Social

    Recently when trying to access my development site running Zimbra (formerly Telligent) Community 7.6 I received the following exception: "Unable to obtain the distributed lock 'PluginManager-InstallUninstallPlugins' during an install. Pl...
    • 27 Nov 2014

    Copying all files from an AWS S3 bucket using Powershell

    The AWS Powershell tools allow you to quickly and easily interact with the AWS APIs. To save a copy of all files in a S3 bucket, or folder within a bucket, you need to first get a list of all the objects, and then download each object individually
    • 17 Oct 2014

    Using Load Balancer health checks with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    By default Elastic Beanstalk environments use the instance health checks when deciding if an instance is still responsive. The load balancer will be checking a HTTP endpoint to decide if an instance is still responsive. This can lead to scenarios where the server is "healthy" e.g. has power going to it, but the application is unresponsive, so instances are removed from the load balancer, but the auto scaling...
    • 15 Oct 2014

    Creating GitHub releases with Powershell

    GitHub allows you to maintain a list of your previous releases, linked to the commit that was used, and attach any artifacts you have, see the releases page of the TeamCity xUnit meta runner for an example. You can create these manually from the GitHub website, but I wanted to add it into my Continuous Integration process, creating a release with the built artifacts on every checkin. This example uses Appveyor for the...
    • 9 Oct 2014

    xUnit plugin for TeamCity

    TeamCity is a great Continuous Integration tool, with support for pretty much any testing framework, including xUnit, but the standard process for running xUnit tests with TeamCity could be easier. This is where the TeamCity xUnit plugin comes in.