Recording a User Group Session - The First Attempt

We’ve been running the Telligent Community UK User Group for almost a year now, and I think we have now started to get the hang of organising them! As Telligent is a product used worldwide, and we are currently the only user group, we’ve been asked by a few people since the first session if they could be streamed or recorded for people who can’t get to London on the day.

With the new year, we decided to try a new challenge and record the sessions this year to be put on YouTube for people to view later. When looking at ways of doing this I didn’t manage to find a huge amount of posts on the topic, so this is my notes on how I setup for our first recording, and a call for help and suggestions on how we can improve going forward!

The Setup

WP_20160218_17_44_43_Rich_LIThis was our first session hosted at Which?, we wanted to be able to record the session simply and unobtrusively. The session was presented by Deborah Wyatt of talkheath who kindly agreed to be our test candidate for recording a session!



WP_20160218_17_40_21_Rich_LIWe borrowed a Flip Ultra to record the video of the session, this was setup on a table to the side of the room, using a Joby GripTight XL GorillaPod Stand, and framed it to give a good view of the screen, and the speaker.

The flip was very simple to get running, and has very few options that you can configure (which could be a bad thing for more advanced users!). The model we were using is pretty old, and the video quality was good, but not amazing, as can be seen in the clip below, giving a 1.37GB MP4 file. The major problem with the flip was discovered a few hours before the session – the capacity meant we could only get 45 minutes of footage, most of our talks end up being 45-60 minutes, and this one ran to 70 minutes with questions.